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Providing Solution

Providing Solutions

This is our philosophy.

We design and build plants for air and water treatment and for the recovery of resources from production processes. We partner with major industrial groups to develop innovative processes and build state-of-the-art plants and turnkey solutions.

We have made studying and searching for customised solutions our DNA.

TECNOIMPIANTI was founded in 1985 in the province of Milan, and is present with its solutions at particularly important international customers (Italy, Brazil, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and other countries).

Improving the environmental impact of our industries is no longer a choice, but a duty we owe to future generations.
We work in a wide range of industrial sectors and offer tailor-made projects for each specific requirement in order to guarantee the optimal solution for every water, air and odour treatment problem.
We complement our many years of solid experience with continuous R&D, thus being able to apply the most modern and effective technologies.

TECNOIMPIANTI has a structured organisation that enables us to offer excellent solutions for air, water and food treatment applications.

Impeccable service and maintenance completes the profile of our company, which supports its customers not only in the initial project development phase, but also throughout the post-sales period.
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01 Experience and expertise

We have been at your side in the execution of your projects for more than 35 years, with the passion and professionalism that distinguishes our team.

Working with us means relying on a solid, experienced and innovation-driven company that puts the customer and the project at the centre and guarantees maximum reliability.

Our production department is an integral part of our philosophy, as it allows us to control every stage of production, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of our products.

Your needs and requirements are studied in depth, for a tailor-made solution that can support your projects and that of your company.

Every project has a unique approach and solution. Our approach is based on pilot tests and development of new solutions, to face together the new challenges of markets and sustainability.

Our team will follow and support you in every phase of the project, thanks to the professional approach of our experts and the traceability of each component in the processing phase.