A air n. [lat. aëra, gr. ἀήρ]. – 1. A gaseous mixture of nitrogen (4/5ths) and oxygen (about 1/5th), with small amounts of other gases, that makes up the Earth's atmosphere.

Air pollution generated by industrial activities is considered one of the main causes of damage to our environment.
However, there are now very effective technologies that make it possible to carry out essential production activities while avoiding the emission of harmful agents with a high environmental impact into the atmosphere.

TECNOIMPIANTI has structured itself with a division specifically dedicated to the development of technologies and projects for the reduction of odours and atmospheric emissions.

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Scrubber TWT Tecnoimpianti
Circular Economy

From its experience with vapour neutralisation in the chemical industry, TECNOIMPIANTI has developed and optimised wet treatment and air filtration technologies.

We can now propose the right solutions for the treatment of gaseous emissions and odour removal, starting from a detailed study of the problem to the final implementation of the treatment plant.

TECNOIMPIANTI's odour and gas emission reduction devices are mainly used in liquid and solid waste treatment, composting, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and thanks to the development of ATEX scrubbers also for hydrocarbon tank vents, biogas upgrades and flammable applications.

Out Technologies

  • Scrubbers
  • Scrubbers and biofilters for composting plants
  • Ammonia removal
  • Multistage scrubber
  • Ammonium sulphate production plants
  • Washing and removal of H2S from biogas
  • Dust reduction
  • Dynamic scrubbers
  • Trivalent scrubber
  • Scrubber ENI TWT


    How to solve the problem of odours?

    Deodorisation, odour and emission abatement plants
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    Ait Treatment
    Tecnoimpianti • AIR TECHNOLOGY

    Our aim is to provide solutions to meet the specific environmental needs of different industrial production processes.
    This is why Tecnoimpianti is a partner to major industrial groups, providing turnkey plants for water treatment and selective removal of contaminants.

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