F food n. [from lat. alimentum, der. of alĕre «feed»]. – 1. Substance which, when introduced into the animal's organism, makes up for its expenditure of living strength and provides the necessary materials for growth (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals).

The recovery of resources in the food industry is the best expression of the Circular Economy principle.
TECNOIMPIANTI has multiple solutions for the valorisation of by-products in the food sector.

Demineralisation of grape juice and fruit juices, decolourisation and purification of must and wine products, production of food colourings, recovery of anthocyanins, polyphenols and organic acids.

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TECNOIMPIANTI has a strong experience in Food & Beverage industry, where we can propose technologies for water purification, production of technical water and waste water treatment.

Alongside traditional applications, TECNOIMPIANTI has developed a line of specific processes and equipment for purification of sugar solutions, enhancement of by-products, extraction and recovery of polyphenols from food waste, and for the production of natural dyes.

Our Solutions

  • Rectification of the must
  • Production of enocyanin
  • Demineralization of molasses
  • Purification of fruit sugar
  • Anthocyanin separation and recovery
  • Production of natural dyes
  • Adsorbent resin systems
  • Recovery of polyphenols and tannins
  • Discoloration of sugars and musts
  • Process water recovery
  • Food Treatment Tecnoimpianti


    Must acidification and tartaric stabilisation plants with resins.

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    Food Treatment
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    Our aim is to provide solutions to meet the specific environmental needs of different industrial production processes.
    This is why Tecnoimpianti is a partner to major industrial groups, providing turnkey plants for water treatment and selective removal of contaminants.

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