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Acidification and tartaric stabilization of Wine.


Why wine stabilization

The potassium and tartaric acid naturally present in the grapes, are causing the precipitation of a natural salt (potassium bitartrate) in the wine. To avoid the presence of precipitates in the bottle, we need to "stabilize” with to a long cooling process at 4°C and mechanical filtration.

Today this technique is replaced by resin systems for MINISTAB and MAXISTAB oenological solutions that make the process faster and cheaper with very low energy consumption. Filtration on special food-grade resins leads to a natural increase in total acidity in a safe and reliable manner even for those particularly delicate wines thanks to the controlled decrease in K+ concentration.

The acidification improves the fermentation step with a more repeatability of the organoleptic caracteristic every year.

Reliable Tecnique

The resin installed in the column effectively and selectively retains the potassium cation (K+) with a consequent increase in acidity, avoiding the formation of potassium bitartrate or “Crimson”. This allows to obtain a product with a controlled, stable and constant quality pH, thus maintaining the desired organoleptic characteristics over time with a simple and easy-to use automatic plant.

Why choose Ministab

  • Effective reduction and respect of the oenological product with repeatable and constant quality
  • Reliable modular mobile systems managed by PLC and intuitive graphic touch screens.
  • Filtration of must and wine treatment without loss of product during all processing phases.
  • Special design of the resin columns allow to have a longer working cycle and a reduced product dilution.
  • Process optimized with low water consumption.
  • Use of control instruments for continuous monitoring and maximum automation of plant operation.
  • The central unit is designed to be connected to different columns with selective resins: the software allows different treatment targets and maximum versatility with just one machine, just changing the resin bed.


  • Mechanical prefiltration.
  • Remote control module for operation via smartphone.
  • Neutralizer for residual water.

MINISTAB and MINICOLOR are available as color recovery systems: this is also the ideal plant for pilot tests or small volumes for the production, separation and purification of polyphenols or extracts from fruit juices and infusions.

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