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Wastewater Treatment Plant for Textile Industry.


How to solve the wastewater issue in the apparel and textile industry.

The apparel and textile industry has been always an important player in the world economy.

The dyeing and finishing process uses vast quantities of fresh water and discharges significant volumes of wastewater, nowadays these activities are more and more under pressure from buyers and competitors.

In a scene of ever-changing legislation, the water cycle of the process houses is a critical point for all the market players and it needs to be approached with maximum attention.

Wastewater, water reuse, water reduction, salt recovery, sludge management are arguments that must be taken into consideration for a correct set up of new production sites as well as for the existing.

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Multi-year experience

Tecnoimpianti Water Treatment tanks to a skilled team of professionals designers, mechanical and environmental engineers with multi-year experience in the specific sector of the textiles-apparel it supports investors in design, supply, erection and commissioning of infrastructure for environment protection.
Greenfield projects, upgrade or enlargement, every single venture needs a specific smart solution that is unique in its approach.

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Modern Design and Hi-Tech

Tecnoimpianti Water Treatment provides biological treatment plants with a process based on modern design and the latest available technologies focused to minimize footprint and operational cost.

PFR Plug Flow Reactor has been widely applied in our design with the specific purpose to reduce Hydraulic Retention Time by saving capital construction cost and footprint.

MBR Membrane Bio-Reactor finds a proper allocation where the standard quality required for the treated water is particularly high because of specific discharge in sensitive areas or as pretreatment for water recovery.

Water Recovery and ZLD

Water and soft water are limited resources and the world demand is in growing constantly.

This fact obliges us to focus on the reduction and reuse of this resource by applying correct resource management combined with the best available technology.

Tecnoimpianti Water Treatment, with almost 40 years of experience, offers water recovery solutions based on membrane technologies like UltraFiltration, NanoFiltration and Reverse Osmosis.

Our special design permits us to reach a very high recovery ratio (more than 90%) having a perfect quality for direct reuse in the production.

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Salt Recovery

Salt Recovery

Salts are widely used in certain dying processes, it can affect the environment if discharged in high concentrations. Today the technology permits the recovery of the salts for their reuse in the dyeing houses.

We can support you with the feasibility study focused to identify the best solution starting from pilot plants to real scale installations.

Colour Removal

colour removal

The latest international protection standards for the environment (like ZDHC) are paying more and more attention to the residual colour discharged with treated water.

We propose specific solutions for colour control based on some proven and reliable technologies; process design depends on individual product features and targets.

Energy Saving


Today hard industrial competition obliges to careful control of the utilities and related costs.

Our multi-year experience in design and operation in WWTP has driven us to select processes and equipment with the specific task to minimize the electric operation cost.

This is possible thanks to a particular design of the biological plant-based on a Plug Flow Reactor and a patented air injection system.

Those solutions permit to reduce installed power, civil construction cost and footprint.


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