TECNOIMPIANTI has a strong experience in Food&Beverage industry, where we can propose technologies for water purification, production of technical water and waste water treatment. Alongside traditional applications, TECNOIMPIATI has developed a line of specific processes and equipment for purification of sugar solutions, enhancement of by-products, extraction and recovery of polyphenols from food waste, and for the production of natural dyes.

Our solutions:
  • Rectification of the must
  • Production of enocyanin
  • Demineralization of molasses
  • Purification of fruit sugar
  • Anthocyanin separation and recovery
  • Production of natural dyes
  • Adsorbent resin systems
  • Recovery of polyphenols and tannins
  • Discoloration of sugars and musts
  • Process water recovery

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Our aim is to provide solutions to meet the specific environmental needs of different industrial production processes.
This is why Tecnoimpianti is a partner to major industrial groups, providing turnkey plants for water treatment and selective removal of contaminants.

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