Power production


Power production

Power is the engine of all our activities̀. We work alongside companies engaged in the production of energy, within their production process and in the treatment of emissions. Tailor-made solutions, reliability, efficiency and assistance make us partners of many leading companies in the sector, to win together the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our solutions:
  • Ultrapure water for turbines and high pressure boilers
  • Reverse osmosis and electrodeionization (EDI) plants
  • Selective removal of micropollutants (boron, selenium, mercury, etc.)
  • Treatment of ammonia and odorous emissions

Discover Tecnoimpianti

Our aim is to provide solutions to meet the specific environmental needs of different industrial production processes.
This is why Tecnoimpianti is a partner to major industrial groups, providing turnkey plants for water treatment and selective removal of contaminants.

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