Applications: Fields of application

The systems manufactured by TWT are conceived for the purpose of ensuring high abatement efficiencies, and they are sized to provide an answer to different needs in various industrial sectors, listed here below. They deal with problems such as: pollutants, heavy metals, vapours (acid, basic), odours, fumes, VOCs, aerosols, dust.

Chemical / pharmaceutical industry

Typical applications of TWT technologies for the chemical/pharmaceutical industry are: primary water treatment systems through adsorption on active carbons; reverse osmosis membranes or resins for the production of demineralized, softened (or purified) water; electro-deionization; integrated systems for the treatment of process waste water (including chemical-physical systems); solvents recovery; treatment of gaseous effluents through wet scrubbers. » view photogallery

Galvanic / surface treatment industry

For the galvanic, surface treatment industry, TWT supplies: advanced processes for water treatment, selective ionic exchange; demineralization unit; solutions recovery, reuse systems, zero-discharge; evaporators/concentrators; closed-circuit treatment of effluents generated by galvanic treatments; chemical precipitation and removal of heavy metals; nickel baths purification units; chemical/physical detoxification; chromium removal; zinc-plating fumes washing towers, pickling fumes; chimneys in PP and corrosive fumes aspiration piping. » view photogallery

Energy production industry

As part of power plants, TWT has installed: systems for selective selenium removal (patented chemical-physical systems); ultra-pure water production systems, electro-dialysis; lime metering systems; mixed-bed systems for thermal power plant; coalescence de-oiling systems. » view photogallery


TWT assists companies that provide environmental services such as water purification systems and city waste treatment systems by supplying: scrubbers for odour abatement in solid city waste treatment or composting treatments; ammonia stripping systems and production of ammonium sulphate for waste dumps; waste concentration and pre-treatment with ultra filtration and reverse osmosis; waste water treatment systems, percolate from waste dump; filtration systems with active carbons. » view photogallery

Foodstuff Industry

For the foodstuff industry, TWT has built and installed: membrane oxidation systems (MBR); wet scrubbers for the removal of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide; Venturi scrubbers for the removal of starch and rice factory dust; ammonia stripping systems. » view photogallery

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